Bobbi Towers

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I write software for music and science education, and make instructional videos.

"The Crazy Clojurian" is a twist on The Little Lisper, which later became The Little Schemer.

Little Lisper book

'Tis the return of alliteration.

A porkostomus is a suckermouth catfish that licks the bacon-grease off of your walls.

Primus Pork Soda album cover

'Tis part of a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

My chronic lifelong obsession of making computer beep boop boop beep in fact goes back to the early 90s when I was hacking with BASIC on my dad's hand-me-down IBM XT. He ran a home business and I got all his old shit, eventually to become his sysadmin guy and had the great pleasure of stewarding not just one major transition but 2:

  1. The shift from mechanical to digital desktop publishing
  2. The shift from mail-order to web-based sales.

And then I got distracted by music for 15 years. Became a band leader, teacher and sound engineer, then moved to Israel to study the ancient music of the Middle East. After returning to the states and releasing my debut album in 2013, I went back to school, eventually to gravitate back to my original love, telling computers what to do. Because no one else ever listens to me...

The first piece of software I wrote that has seen some actual use was a rather unexpected(?) hero called the MECCA Music Platform, the Music Education, Composition & Creation Application, which is a greatly overpretentiously named Chiptune tracker written in Bash.

Go figure. Beep boop boop beep.